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Information on the functionality of the portal

This portal uses so-called weather profiles as a navigation aid. You can choose between two different weather types: "Outdoor" and "My weather profile". The outdoor profile has some basic settings which can be changed using the slider, to suit your needs and requirements. These settings have been developed as suggestions and serve as a guide for the use of the portal.

Weather profile:

The outdoor profile describes the suitability of the weather for activities in the countryside. It consists of the factors of temperature, sunshine, rain, wind and outlook (visibility).

My weather profile
For the “My weather profile” weather type, a personal weather profile can be created.

According to the selected settings, the weather map shows only the places for which suitable weather has been set and is forecast.

There are various sliders available to make a selection: temperature, sunshine, rainfall, wind and outlook (visibility).

Each slider has two fixed points; a minimum value and a maximum value. You can therefore specify the minimum accepted value and the maximum desired value. The values are displayed when you move the slider using the cursor.

Your personal settings can also be saved. To do this, a user account on the portal is required. You can register using either your Facebook, Twitter or Google account or directly on the portal.

A user account is therefore useful when you want to save your profile and only display weather forecasts on the map that match your profile. There is also the option of receiving e-mail notifications about weather forecasts that are matched to the users weather profile. The mobile app for smartphones is an excellent way to receive information about the best weather conditions in Graubunden at any time.

48-hour outlook:
This slider shows the weather developments forecast in the next 48 hours at 3-hour intervals.

Top navigation bar:
If the forecast day or period is changed in the top navigation bar of the portal, then the locations on the Graubunden map will only be displayed, which match the forecasts for the selected day in the predefined profile.

By clicking on "Sunniest destinations", the weather profile set is overridden and only the sunniest destinations will be displayed. By clicking on "Sunniest destinations" again, you can search for matching weather found in your own personal weather profile.


Mission statement
The aim of the portal is to meet the demands of differentiated weather conditions in the Graubunden with a variety of local weather forecasts. The Graubunden guest is offered a true service through the special treatment of the meteorological data and the possibility of individualisation.

SRF Meteo
SRF Meteo is the exclusive meteorological partner of "Weather Graubunden" and, as a supplier of meteorological data, a guarantee for independence and enduring quality.

Project management
"Weather Graubunden" is a project of Graubünden tourism under the direction of Bergbahnen Graubünden (BBGR) with its members - the mountain railway companies in the Graubunden.

Project partners
Other partners of "Weather Graubunden" are Graubünden Ferien (GRF) (Graubunden vacations)
as well as the destinations: Arosa, Davos-Klosters, Engadine Scuol, Samnaun, Val Müstair, Engadine St. Moritz, Flims Laax, Lenzerheide, Savognin Bivio and Engadine Bregaglia.

Project support
"Weather Graubunden" is supported by the Canton of Graubunden and the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO).

Project implementation
The following are responsible for the implementation of "Weather Graubunden": Küng Pluskom (external project management), ZUTT + PARTNER – EmoConsulting (concept and design) and Clickwerk (development and operation).

For the operation of the platform "Weather Graubünden" are Clickwerk (technology) and Bergbahnen Graubünden (organization) responsible.

Weather data
All weather circumstances displayed under "Weather" and "Trend" refer to forecasts from SRF Meteo and contain no actual measured values. Measured data is available from individual weather stations, which are displayed on a separate screen in the corresponding "Carousels". The measured values originate either from the measuring stations of the respective project partners, or from the measuring stations of the Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology.

For technical questions and suggestions please contact:

Bergbahnen Graubünden (BBGR)


Bergbahnen Graubünden (Graubunden Mountain Railways), hereinafter BBGR, and its members make every effort to provide correct published information, but assume no liability for the correctness, accuracy, relevance, reliability or completeness of the information published or the third party information accessible.

BBGR expressly reserves the right to alter the content without prior notice in whole or in part or to fully delete or to temporarily remove parts of the content.

Liability and compensation claims against BBGR due to tangible or intangible damage arising from accessing, using or not using the published information, through misuse of the connection or as a result of technical breakdowns, are excluded.

References and links
References and links to websites of third parties are outside the scope of responsibility of BBGR. Access and use of other sites are the sole and entire responsibility of the user. BBGR explicitly declares that it has no influence on design or contents of the linked sites. Information and services of linked websites are entirely within the responsibility of the third party in question. No liability of any kind is assumed for such websites.

Data protection
Based on Article 13 of the Federal Constitution and the provisions of Swiss data protection legislation, everyone has the right to the protection of privacy as well as to protection from misuse of their personal details. BBGR complies with these provisions.

In voluntarily saving your weather profile, this data is stored in a separate database. You have the opportunity to cancel your registration at any time. Personal data is treated as strictly confidential and is neither passed on nor sold to third parties.

In close cooperation with our hosting provider, we make every effort to protect the databases as well as possible from outside access, data loss, misuse or falsification.

When you access our homepage without saving a weather profile no personal data is stored. Our hosting provider's web server merely registers impersonal site usage data (log files) for the purpose of tracking trends for BBGR in order to improve the information offer from "Weather Graubunden" (Wetter Graubünden). The usage data is not linked with personal data. For detailed information about web analytics please see the corresponding "Web Analytics" section.

Copyright and licence
Copyright BBGR, 2012.

Information on the "Weather Graubunden" website is accessible to the public. The services of "Weather Graubunden" may only be used for personal use, and does not entail any transfer of services to third parties. Downloading or copying of texts, illustrations, photos or any other data does not entail any transfer of rights on the content.

Copyright and any other rights relating to texts, illustrations, photos or any other data available on the "Weather Graubunden" website are the exclusive property of BBGR or of any other expressly mentioned owners. Any reproduction requires the prior written consent of the copyright holder.

It is not allowed to use the services of "Weather Graubunden" in any form which could affect, overburden or damage the IT infrastructure of "Weather Graubunden" or damage other users when visiting "Weather Graubunden". In particular, it is explicitly prohibited to download "Weather Graubunden" data from the web server by means of a web robot or other automated devices and to use data gathered in this way for further processing

Web analytics
For the purpose of recognising trends, and to improve the "Weather Graubunden" online offer, only non-personal data from the log files of the Web server, such as your IP address, system information (operating system and browser version), the originating page, date and time, etc., are evaluated. "AWStats" is implemented for this purpose. The usage data obtained is only logged within the website and without the use of any third-party software.


New data protection legislation came into force across the EU on 25 May 2018. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) strengthens and unifies data protection for individuals within the EU. It also addresses the export of personal data outside the EU. Historically, Swiss data protection legislation has been closely tied to EU regulations. Therefore, the Website and online shop fall under the GDPR.

About personal data

Personal data means any information that relates to an identified or identifiable natural person. Your first and last names, your landline phone number, and/or your physical, e-mail or IP addresses constitute personal data.

How we collect, process and use your personal data

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In compliance with the new regulation, we will only– and securely – export your personal details to third parties for the purpose of services delivered on our behalf (see below, Google Analytics https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/6004245?hl=en and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/about/privacy/update?ref=old_policy).

Your personal data and marketing

We will never use your personal data for marketing purposes.


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Data protection

In voluntarily saving your weather profile, this data is stored in a separate database. You have the opportunity to cancel your registration at any time. Personal data is treated as strictly confidential and is neither passed on nor sold to third parties.

Based on Article 13 of the Federal Constitution and the provisions of Swiss data protection legislation, everyone has the right to the protection of privacy as well as to protection from misuse of their personal details. BBGR complies with these provisions. More information can be found under the heading 'Legal'.

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